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Hutton Nursery - Our Food

Nursery Food at Little Legs Nursery, Hutton

Nursery Food

All of Little Legs Nursery and Pre School food is freshly cooked every day in our kitchen. We have a ‘Healthy Eating ‘policy, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of flavours and textures for the children to try. We cater for allergies, food intolerance and vegetarians as well! The children can join us for breakfast, enjoy a snack at 10am, hot 2 course lunch at 12pm and  tea at 3.30pm

Our food menu changes constantly but below is a sample of a typical week:


Mon Cereals and wholemeal toast Apple, raspberries & cucumber sticks Shepherd's pie served with carrots & broccoli Yoghurt Rice cakes served with cheese, grapes & apple
Tue Cereals and wholemeal toast Breadsticks, tangerine & raisins Stir fried vegetables with noodles Lemon & lime jelly Bagel with soft cheese & tomato
Wed Cereals and wholemeal toast Rice cakes, bananas & kiwi Roast chicken, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots & cougettes Angel Delight Croissant with apples and oranges
Thu Cereals and wholemeal toast Sliced peppers, cucumber and cauliflower with yoghurt mint dip Salmon served with peas, sweetcorn, baked tomatoes & mashed potato Apple crumble and custard Tortilla wraps with ham, cheese and tomato
Fri Cereals and wholemeal toast Melba toast, melon, grapes & pear
Beef Curry Pineapple & custard Hot cross buns, apples & oranges

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