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We are excited to tell you that from April 2017 our preschool has become a Montessori preschool to enhance our children’s learning.

Alongside our Montessori curriculum we cover the prime areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage through topics from our Additional Curriculum which follow the children’s interests.

We now offer:

  • In the Large hall –

A Montessori prepared environment which invites our children to explore the wide range of activities on the shelves through using all of their senses.

 Our Practical Life area includes activities that focus on pouring, scooping, sieving, threading, etc. When they play with these our children are developing their muscles, hand-eye coordination and their fine motor skills. 

We also use a range of Montessori Sensorial materials which help them to develop their concepts of size, weight, colour, texture and shape. 

In our Understanding of the World area, their curiosity is fostered through using activities that help them to learn about and explore the world around them.  They find out how things work or question why things happen through Science-based play and learn about the past through History activities. 

They children are encouraged to care for their indoor environment by tidying away their work and sweeping up/mopping up any spills, etc.

The children have daily access to construction, role play and small world to develop their imaginations.  Our art and crafts area provides resources for the children to explore their creativity.

  • In the Side Room –

Here the children have a calm, quiet area in which to develop and practise their numeracy and literacy skills using our Montessori materials.

Our book corner encourages the children’s interest in reading for pleasure and sharing stories.

  • In the Garden –

The children have year-round access to fresh air in our all-weather garden.  They learn to play together and how to share and take turns as they use a wide range of equipment to develop their gross motor skills

 The children participate in gardening activities where we dig, plant and grow our own vegetables and herbs.

We also provide activities for them to experiment and investigate why and how things work and to foster their natural curiosity.

Children also enjoy visits to the local park to help teach them about road safety  and give them experience of a different environment.

We offer places for children from 2 ½ - 4 years and we are open 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Lunch time is from 12.15 p.m. and parents are asked to provide a healthy lunch for their child. The children have on-going access to water and milk throughout the session and are encouraged to choose their own food from the daily snack provided and to wash up their plate and cup when they have finished.

We have a key person system so that our children feel settled and secure in our calm, nurturing environment. We offer an open door policy to our parents so that they can speak to their key worker or any member of our very experienced team whenever they need to.

If you are interested in bringing your child to have a look round, please call us on 07397 191844 arrange a visit. We look forward to seeing you, our Ofsted report can be read here


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